Hybrid Steel Flooring

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Hybrid Steel floor systems are an industry first pioneered by Marvelous Ideas, solving the problem that heavy equipment facilities encounter. Currently, when heavy equipment needs to be brought indoors for routine maintenance or repairs, it destroys the integrity of the concrete floor it drives on. making for a weakened surface that is unsafe for the heavy equipment to be lifted up and placed on jack stands to carry out the work needing to be done. Putting the lives of workers at risk if anything were to go wrong, the only other option currently is to perform the work outside in the facilities yard but when temperatures can drop to below -50 C  with windchill this is impossible.

Marvelous Ideas Hybrid Steel floor systems fix this problem heavy equipment facilities face. Accomplished by having thick steel plate run from the outer edge of the facilities entrance all the way into the work bay as a track for the heavy equipment to drive on. This steel plate track eliminates concrete irregularities caused by the abuse of the immense weight of the heavy equipment and potential ice studs on the wheels adding to the mix of abuse. All of the steel plates are anchored down by a proprietary blend of an epoxy and urethane grout mixture which makes up for the rest of the floor in the surrounding area inside the facility; Resistant to thermal shock, corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion. This solid track allows for safe use of jacks to lift up the immense weight of the heavy equipment and perform the necessary work needing to be performed.

Why is it so great?

Solves Integrity Issues and Increases Safety
  • Less maintenance of fixing and replacing concrete flooring
  • Highest safety standards
  • Eliminate concrete irregularities 
  • Withstands heavy abuse
  • Runs from the facilities outer edge to the work area
  • A consistent and dependable surface to lift heavy equipment on and support them on jack stands
Increased Business Profit 
  • Not having to close a facility to replace destroyed concrete regularly 
  • More productive workers as they can trust the floors integrity 
  • Less time spent manoeuvring heavy equipment around for a safe lifting spot

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