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Polyurethane Mortars

Polyurethane mortar systems are designed for extreme service conditions, including thermal shock, high abrasion and chemical exposure. Polyurethane mortars also stand up to thermal cycling, heavy point loads, impacts, and wet production processes.

Polyurethane mortar systems vary in thickness and thus in performance, this will depend on your application needs and the degree of intended use. Systems range from a high-build polyurethane coating with a textured finish up to a polyurethane mortar trowel system, and even our HybridSteel application for heavy industrial use. The product selection is made to meet the demands of the environment.

These flooring systems are seamless, making them ideal for heavy equipment shops, heavy- duty manufacturing, chemical processing plants, wineries, breweries, food and beverage processing facilities, containment areas, and more. In fact, at Marvelous Ideas Contracting many of our polyurethane mortar systems are approved for use within CFIA regulated industries.

At Marvelous Ideas Contracting, we believe in using the best product for the job, including the following brands: