Marvelous Ideas

Rained Out / Frozen Slabs

At Marvelous Ideas Contracting we pride ourselves on our innovation and our ability to solve problems for our clients. We have developed methods and techniques in order to repair a rained out slab or frost damaged concrete with minimal intrusion. No matter how big or small your concrete repair is, our team can help create a lasting solution to restore the surface and durability of your concrete.

When it comes to repairing rained out or frost damaged slabs, we start by assessing the severity of the damage. From there, we can determine the best course of action as well as appropriate product for its intended use. There are many benefits for the customer to resurface the damaged concrete versus removing and replacing the concrete slab, including quicker turn around time, less intrusive removal and installation process, lower noise levels of preparation equipment, reduced risk of potential damage to utilities within slab, fast cure times that allow area to return to service and reduce overall disruption to work environment.