Marvelous Ideas


Marvelous Ideas is an innovative, industry leader when it comes to protecting, preserving, strengthening and beautifying concrete. Whether you are looking for concrete surface preparation, concrete restoration, concrete polishing, concrete resurfacing, concrete protective finishes, or unique solutions to difficult problems, Marvelous Ideas can find a solution to your flooring problems.

With over 8 million square feet installed and 75 years of experience…

Our customers can be assured that our wealth of experience, accumulated knowledge base and trained tradesmen will provide the results that they are looking for. In fact, we are proud to say that we have worked with some of the most recognizable and respected corporations in Canada as a result of our reputation.

Problem solving is what we do…

Marvelous Ideas Contracting works closely with our clients to provide solutions to their challenging concrete problems. We have an outstanding track record for providing custom-tailored applications that deliver the best installations, services and product systems available. We have developed new techniques and methods to solve many of these complex concrete repair issues, including the development of our own Industrial HybridSteel application and rained-out slab repair systems.