Marvelous Ideas

Concrete Polishing & Colouring

The team at Marvelous Ideas Contracting knows that the appearance of your concrete is important. These days decorative concrete finishes are a key feature of style and design for a project. We have incorporated this desire for an increasing number of clients in order to bring their vision to light with the raw & natural beauty of polished concrete.

For architects, interior designers and property owners, the options are vast and allow your creativity to run wild with little thought to sourcing other flooring materials. We can even add colour to your existing concrete during the polishing process.

We offer concrete polishing & colouring services to help you achieve that brilliant new surface that you desire, creating a modern, sleek, glossy and practical surface that is sure to impress. Best of all, polished concrete is easy to maintain at a low cost, it won’t harbour dust, dirt and allergens, and it is highly reflective creating a bright vibrant space.

There are three main aspects when deciding on a polished concrete finish. First we determinethe desired level of cut that may expose the aggregates. Next we consider on the degree of shine to achieve from the polishing stages, high gloss or perhaps a low sheen satin finish. The third aspect is going to be any addition of colour at the time of polishing.