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Parkade Cleaning & Maintenance

Neighbourhood construction projects, sanding trucks, deicing machines, winter road maintenance crews, and even mother nature can create a large amount of debris on the roads that gets carried and blown into a parkades each day. This can create an abundance of sand and debris in the parkade, especially by the time spring arrives. This debris has nowhere to go and gets blown around, covering plumbing pipes, ducting, building structures, vehicles, into doorways of storage lockers and not to mention tracks into the building as it creates a dirty, unpleasant environment.

With an industry leading propane hybrid electric powered riding sweeper /scrubber combination and walk behind auto scrubbers, our team has the ability to providec parkade cleaning maintenance for tens of thousands of square feet within a parkade in a single day. All without the exhaust fumes of a gas or diesel powered machine. Keeping the downtime to a minimum and returning to service as soon as we exit the area. Degreasing areas, the addition of a salt & chlorine inhibiting sealer, and even diamond buffing the slab to create more shine can also enhance this type of service.