Floor Preperation

Concrete preparation and planning are the most important aspects of successful overlayment application. Marvelous Ideas is dedicated to providing top quality work throughout the entire process, which is why we are thorough in our concrete surface preparation. Each project we work on is unique, and to address individual needs we offer a full range of preparation options. We have invested in state of the art surface preparation equipment to cover a variety of applications, including a range of dustless diamond grinding equipment, HEPA filtration vacuums, shot blaster, sand blaster, scarifier and more (order equipment according to list and finalize that list if in chronological order if possible!). These tools allow us to efficiently prepare surfaces from 100 sq. feet to 200,000 sq. feet, both on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Our thorough surface preparation procedures remove adhesives and surface imperfections from concrete surfaces to maximize the bond strength and adhesion for new concrete surface treatments.

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