Our Products

We offer a variety of products, including polysoft and rubaroc flooring options. Services offered at Marvelous Ideas include resurfacing, repair, and floor preparation. Contact us today to hear about more of the services we offer.


PolySoft products are suited to a multitude of possible applications for both leisure and commercial benefit. PolySoft provides a squishy underfoot surface that is slip-resistant, making it ideal in areas where a tactical finish is required, such as playgrounds and pools. PolySoft is flexible enough to bridge a crack in the substrate and works well to even out irregularities in an existing surface. Its superior resistance to fading and its ability to handle the aggressive nature of chlorine in aquatic environments creates an opportunity to breath new life into old weathered surfaces whilst maintaining reliability and safety.

The two diverse lines, PolySoft ‘Splash’ and PolySoft ‘Play’, create solutions for both wet and dry surfaces. The products are available in 18 stunning colours inspired by natural elements to accommodate an endless variety of finishes. Contact Marvelous Ideas to find the perfect application solution to fit your needs.

Typical Applications:
Indoor/outdoor playground, child care centres, theme parks, school assembly areas, aged care facilities, pathways, courtyards, rooftops, athletic tracks, building entrances, embankment slides (i.e. sloped surfaces, equestrian facilities, and gym floors)

Benefits of Polysoft

Cooler than most surfacing options, PolySoft will stay cooler underfoot

Resistant to degradation or fading, even in the harshest sunlight

Excellent slip-resistance

High chemical resistance

Easy to maintain, hygienic, non-toxic (no heavy metals)

Soft, comfortable underfoot

Installed with a seamless finish

Impressive colour palette for endless design options


Rubaroc is a rubber safety-resurfacing product that combines high-tech polymer resins with rubber to create a resilient, skid-resistant surface that is virtually indestructible.
The product is designed to withstand diverse environments, and is remarkable in its ability to stretch to accommodate for ground movement and temperature changes. Rubaroc can be applied directly to any solid surface, new or used. The all-around rubber surface can be used to fill surface blemishes on existing surfaces, providing a beautiful and seamless finish.

Rubabroc’s ability to adhere to any solid material makes the product exceptionally versatile. Our craftsmen are skilled in creating custom logos and design with Rubaroc to fit individualized needs. With a variety of colours to choose from, Rubaroc is the perfect product for commercial and residential safety resurfacing projects.

Typical applications:
Decks, stairs, waterparks, indoor and outdoor swimming pool decks, leisure centres

Typical surfaces:
Concrete, asphalt, epoxy stone, brick, wood, steel, tarmac, chipboard, aluminum, and many more!

Benefits of Rubaroc

Excellent skid resistance, even when wet

Fast and professional installation

Adheres directly to any solid surface

Easy to maintain and repair

Beautiful, seamless finish

Soft and comfortable underfoot

Stretches to accommodate ground movement and temperature change

Stain resistant and easy to clean