Cementitious Urethane Flooring

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The number one choice of performance floor overlays that creates a water tight seal across the entirety of the floor, as well able to be used on vertical surfaces creating a complete seal from floor to ceiling. Targeted predominately toward the food and beverage industry, manufacturing sectors, chemical storage, and processing facilities because of the demanding service conditions they require. Cementitious urethane meets all regulatory standards being HACCP Internationally certified and CFIA certified.

Cementitious urethane flooring systems have remarkable resistant to thermal shock, corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion. Let’s compare it to traditional epoxy flooring, epoxy mixes two liquids that cure creating the great coat we know as epoxy. Cementitious urethane uses two liquids mixed together as well but is mixed with common cement, known as Portland cement, this creates the remarkable surface that is cementitious urethane.

Why is it so great?

  1. Liquid Barrier

Unlike concrete, this flooring system is impervious to water and other various liquids. This makes it a perfect solution for any industry requiring daily wash downs and/or sterilization of the food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Seamless Application

able to be seamlessly applied in one application, this decreases the risk of bacteria from harmful chemicals to be left in the inseams of traditional flooring.

  1. Thermal Stability

Withstand extreme temperature changes, some variations can withstand temperatures from -330° F up to +240° F. This ability gives it unparalleled thermal stability compared to other flooring systems. It expands and contracts at a very similar rate of concrete, minimizing the risk of bending, buckling, or cracking.

It is also able to be applied on green concrete without the worry of residual moisture in the concrete causing problems in the future. This allows you to stay on the construction schedule and not be slowed down.

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We are certified contractors for cementitious urethane; Sikafloor® NA PurCem® series, Flowcrete® Flowfresh® series, Dur-A-Flex® Poly-Crete® Series, and PowerBlast Canada® Ureco flooring systems®

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